Hey it's Rob and if you've found your way to this page, that means some you know has invited you to a closed training webinar I'm going to be hosting over the next few days.

You probably already know that a sneaky move by some of the big money investors in your local market just created a limited bidding window that has made real estate investing a whole lot easier.

There's been a change sweeping local real estate markets over the past 6 moths that I've figure out and have been manipulating for 5 and 6-figure profits what i'm about to share works for HUD houses, bank owned homes, probate deals, properties listed in the MLS and even private sellers.

The Strategy Is Simple And It's Nothing You've Seen Before

Let me ask you...

Are you trying to get started or maybe take your business to the next level

Are you feeling an increase in competition and seeing that the number of great deals seems to be dropping every week…

Well, you're not alone. I've seen it too. But listen, the only difference between me and you is, I figured out how our competition and a lot of the big money investors are gaming the system and forcing their bids to get accepted over ours.

This is important...

I'm currently flipping houses in 18 cities and it's that exposure, to so many local markets, that has given me the pulse on what's happening and how it's working now right now, that no one else has now.

For full transparency, I'll be showing you the proof on this training webinar and I'm going to do something that I've never done before. I'm going to actually open the back-end of our business, the numbers, the software, everything, and let you peek right inside.

I'm going to show you many, multiple, six figure monthly profits and an online bidding system you can use to get instant, accurate bids in any city anywhere in the country.

I'll show you what we've done to adjust to the new market, and give you a plan of action, so you can copy whats working.

Look, none of this is to impress you, it's simply so I can show you what's happening in your local market and how old bidding strategies are being forced out by big money investors.

Nobody does does what I'm going to do for you on this training

I want you to get the real picture of exactly what's happened in the past 6 months and I want you to see the easy adjustment you can make to get drastically more profitable results.

You'll learn how "market separation" has become a factor every real estate investor needs adjust to and how dynamic bidding is being used against you.

Plus, I'm going to show you how you, regardless of your current experience, can start using dynamic bidding, as early as this week, to cash in while this lasts.


I just want you just sit back, get registered for the live training on the training, I'm going to log you right into my business and show you the #1 shift I've been forced to make over the past 6 month.

You learn a strategy you can use in your business to get more profitable deals in as little as the next 10 days.

It's so simple.

And, as a special gift just for registering, I'm going to share access with you to a special presentation I recently held for a high-end investor group.

This is really great, because I logged them right into my dynamic bidding software and showed them the adjustments we've been making in our business across all local markets.

You'll have instant access to this insider session right after registering for the live training right now.

But before you register, I'd like to get you and me on the same page so we can move forward together as friends… and I want to make something perfectly clear.


There's nothing to buy here and nothing to buy on the next page.

I just want to get you access to the special session so you can start learning what's been going on. There is a reason I've done the 6-figure numbers I talked about at the beginning of this video and there's a reason why I'm standing here talking to you right now.

It's because I know something that you don't know.

But when you get the information I'll be sharing, you're business and your life are not going to be the same just 30 short days from right now…


See…if you're like most real estate investors I talk to, you're probably feeling like everything seems to always work out for everybody else but never for you?

Especially when there's been a change in the market and you're trying to figure out how to adjust to it.

I'm right aren't I?

I get it, I've been there.

I've been successfully flipping houses now for nearly 15 years and guess what? There's a reason you hit walls in your business.

But listen, it's not your fault.


Truth is, if you haven't already switched your bidding strategy, as HUD, banks, the MLS and private sellers have phased out how they're accepting bids, you're failing despite your knowledge and, if you don't make the switch, your business is going to be blocked from getting to the next level.

Yeah I know, nobody actually ever tells you that do they?

The bottom line is this.

I'm not only going to tell you the truth, but on this training webinar, I'm going to show you how we got here, log you into my business and show you exactly what we're doing and give you a plan to follow on how you can cash in too.


I've profitably flipped houses in over 17 different states and about 29 different cities.

It's that experience and "local market knowledge" from all over the country that allows me to look you in the eye and tell you exactly what I'm about to say next.

Listen to this…And friend, listen, I can't stress this enough…

It's not the strategy you're using that's preventing your success.

It's not even you that's preventing your success.

It's that over the past 6 months, your a bidding strategy is being phased out.

See the problem isn't that you learned the wrong strategy, it's not even that you've done anything wrong.

The truth is, you've been doing the right things all along.

But, over the past 6 months, big money investors have been gaming the bidding system locking smaller investors like you out.

It sounds strange and maybe even just like a marketing ploy, I get it.

Honestly, if there was a different way to say it, I would.

The truth is, when I open the curtain on my business and show you what I mean, you're eyes will be opened and you'll see the simple change you can make immediately to get drastically better results.

1 Easy Adjustment You Can Make Without Changing Anything Else

Let me ask you if there was a simple way to get more deals in your local market by making just 1 easy adjustment and without changing anything else in your business would you do it?

If you answered yes, you're in luck.

That's the #1 secret I'm going to reveal on the upcoming training webinar.

I'm not a big time guru.

So the fact that you're here means you're about to get information that most people will never have.

I'm just a successful real estate investor and a regular guy like you.

All I want to do is give you information today that will instantly help you make more money, a whole lot easier.

So, here's what I want you to do right now.

Claim your spot and get registered right now for the live training that I'm going to be doing a few times later this week.

Pick the day and the time that works best for you and join me as I pull back the curtain and reveal how big money investors are gaming the system against us and show you a very simple strategy that very, very few people even know about…


I won't waste your time with a bunch of "how to theory". Truthfully, and from one successful real estate investor to another, I respect you, your time and your intelligence a whole more than that.

And, just for registering, I'm going to provide you with access to a special session training session where you'll be able to log in and see the back-office of my in-house bidding system and the adjustments we've made to steal the best deals regardless of competition.

I've made this super easy to follow and I made it something you can watch right now and take action on in your business immediately.


My friend, this is ninja stuff and it's yours, absolutely free, just for registering right now…

But I'm only opening this complimentary bonus for each session until the limited seats fill up. And once they're gone, they're gone and you'll miss out.

The truth is, if I don't completely blow you away with what I'm about to reveal to you on the very next page, heck, you can skip the live training later this week all together and we can part as friends... but honestly after you see what I've got in store for you, that rarely happens.

There's there's no catch and I'm so confident that no matter what your current level of experience is right now, after you see what I'm about to share with you, you'll join the hundreds of people every day wanting in on the rest of this training...

So go ahead, do it right now pick the date and time that works best for you to attend the live training...

To help you remember your seat for our live training, I've added a text reminder available as well for you so go ahead and add your mobile phone number when you register and I'll send you text message just before we're about to get started.

Ok, that's all for now.

This is Rob Swanson and I'll see inside...