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    Hey it’s Rob Swanson here and I want to first congratulate you on taking action and making the decision to use the PinpointerPro Dynamic Bidding software in your real estate investing business.  Watch this video first >>

    This is going to be one of the best decisions of your life.  As with anything new, there’s always a small learning curve you have to work through in order to create a habit of use and to learn the software.

    Even my team had to “break the habits of what they were used to doing” to fully grasp the benefits and what this software now does for them.  After a few days, a few accepted bids and a few profitable deals, they were 100% sold.  You will be too so plug in, hunker down and start using it.

    I Feel Confident In My Numbers, PinpointerPro Is A Dream

    PinpointerPro Is A Dream

    Remember, I recorded 5 special coaching sessions for you so you’ll be able to see some of the tricks of the trade and some special ways we’re using the PinpointerPro software to make more money.

    You’re going to love it.  To get started, Click Here And Watch This Video First.

    Then, use the Software Tutorials and Quick Start Guides to get you going fast.